True passion for hunting trips

Montefeltro Tour Operator was founded in 1993 as hunting travel agency of Beretta Group. Started with three destinations, now manages hunting trips in the five continents.

At the beginning was specialized in wing shooting, woodcocks, black cocks and partridges in the best areas in the world being one of the first to discover Mongolia and Crimea. Managed also the best places for water fowl hunting all over the world.

Since five years, Montefeltro organizes also big game hunting in Europe, Asia, Africa mainly, but also in America and Oceania.  Montefeltro staff is focused on searching  best places, best outfitters and professional hunters, paying great attention to the accommodation and the global services before and after the hunt.

Of course, to be a part of a big group plays an important role in order to be always the first to evaluate new hunting destinations, with the best comfort for hunters and observers, to have first class treatment from outfitters and air companies.

Montefeltro puts every efforts to satisfy at best its customers giving them an unforgettable living experience based on the traditional spirit of Italian way of hunting. Every hunt is managed by Montefeltro personnel who follows step by step the hunter from the beginning to the…next trip!

The high quality services and the excellent assistance offered to the clients, have allowed Montefeltro to be market leader since 25 years.

Montefeltro Team


montefeltro luca

Big game Team 

Luca Bogarelli, loves hunting, nature and has a passion for travels.

“Traveler with rifle” is how Luca defines himself who has accumulated hunting experiences in almost all of the African continent but also in Asia, America and Europe in all the hunted countries

Carlo Cazzaniga

Small Game Team and “Rivergaro” hunting estate manager

In 2017 Carlo reorganized the hunting estate “Rivergaro” located at Piacenza: a new hunting house and new huntig areas. He has experience as P.H. for the hunting in North Europe and he’s a dog lover.

Andrea Cavaglia

Small game Team 

He’s an expert dog lover despite his young age. For a long time his family has been breeding and training setters selected for the typical alpine hunting: woodcock, black grouse, rock and white partridges. He’s one of the best hunting video maker in Europe.

Enrico Zaina montefeltro

Small Game Team

Passionate hunter (and cyclist) has always dedicated himself to his passions. He knows perfectly Crimea and he’s a great guide for your hunting trips around the world.

Angelo Veglianti montefeltro

Small game Team

Born with the pure passion for hunting, for years he has dedicated himself to organize hunting trips.

An expert dog lover, he knows perfectly Macedonia and he will accompany customers during the season.

scozia caccia

Small game Team 

Historical presence of Montefeltro, Luigi has decades of experience in larks, quails, partridges and woodcocks hunting. He organizes for Montefeltro  dogs transportation by an equipped van when the clients need.