One of the most practiced big game hunts in Italy? Undoubtedly the most practiced is wild boar hunting, also considering the high diffusion of the animal that lives in our area.

From the high seat during still hunting, stalking or driven, wild boar hunting is always very exciting and they are not just prey coveted for their meat, they are worthy and strong opponents, who in most cases are the bearers of coveted trophies.

Even abroad, especially in Eastern European countries, it is a very widespread hunt and is mainly practiced driven hunt or from the high seat.

Hunting from the high seat is an almost intimate and solitary hunt, in which the hunter remain alone with himself  waiting for the boar. Observing the wild and surrounding nature is an important moment as much as hunting itself is.

Many Italian hunters love to hunt wild boar in Europe living their experience abroad to know new areas and new hunting experiences, but also to meet extraordinary animals in terms of trophy size and quality.

Wild boar hunting in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the most suitable countries for wild boar hunting trips. In these woods, the number of animals especially males are almost all bearers of large trophies.

Unlike Italy where, although it is loved, it remains an almost “noxious” animal due to the damage to the agricolture that the growing boar population does every year. , on the contrary in Eastern European countries it is almost revered .

For this reason, wild boar hunts in Bulgaria become a unique experience for the Italian hunter who will find himself in front of a centuries-old ritual and tradition. The sound of the horn marks the end of the hunting and the final ceremony, in front of the tableau of game taken, is something unforgettable for everyone.

Hunting from the high seat is also very popular: it is  located near the feeding places or at the exit and return points from the meadows, or the stalking hunting is practiced in areas of low hunting pressure and searching for the ideal trophy.

Wild boar hunting in Romania

caccia al cinghiale in Romania wild boar huntRomania is another European country extremely suitable to wild boar hunting. The Romanian territory in fact offers flat valleys and impressive mountains: many different scenarios, in which it is possible to practice an exciting wild boar hunt.

In this area, some wild boars weigh up to 300 kg and carry extraordinary medal trophies. During a wild boar hunt, the most practiced type of hunting in Romania, the hunter will also be lucky enough to catch sight of bears, wolves and lynxes that leave even the most experienced hunter speechless.

Wild boar hunting in Turkey

The Anatolian Peninsula is also a perfect setting for wild boar hunting. The specimens that populate the forests on the Black Sea, but also the whole area of central Anatolia, can exceed 300 kg and are equipped with defenses ranging from 20 to 30 cm.

Recommended weapons, ammunition and accessories

All 30 calibers are great for boar hunting as well as 7 mm.

For the high seat hunting bolt action rifles with the 300 Winch Mag, the 30-06, the 308 or the 7 mm Rem Mag are excellent in weapons equipped with good very bright optics (the wild boar is mainly in pasture at sunset, if not in the dark, and at dawn) .

For stalking boars or driven hunts, an agile and short semi-auto in 30-06 or 308 is an excellent rifle. In this type of hunting, a low magnifying scope or even a red dot are recommended.

In all cases, good binoculars help in identifying the best wild boar to shoot down (obviously excluding the driven hunting).

Whether from the high seat, stalking or driven hunts, wild boar hunting is a unique experience for any hunter who is passionate in big game hunting and Europe offers many possibilities to practice this hunt!

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