Waterfowl hunting is a hunting art, widespread all over the world, which requires passion and great knowledge.

There are several hunting techniques to practice this hunt: it can be the typical hunting of waterfowl from the hide or in a barrel or it can be carried out as stalking hunting with the dog.

Get ready for this hunting season for a unique experience thanks to the waterfowl drive in an extraordinary environment.

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Among the rice fields of Lomellina, there is a hunting oasis of great interest. Montefeltro, in conjunction with the new management – prudent and careful – of a reserve in the Pavia area, offers the highest quality on ducks drives.

Find out how the Montefeltro duck drive takes place!

Hunting organization

After a rich welcome breakfast we leave for the hide: twelve hunters are placed in strategic points behind a small barrier of reeds and in barrels, while the beaters move the ducks in the flooded woods.

In addition to the mallards, born free in the reserve, thousands of teals, wigeons, shovelers, and gadflies  find the ideal habitat in this area where they are kept thanks to the continuous baiting with corn and thanks to the rice fields that surround it which provide an additional quality food portion.

To indicate the beginning and the end of the drive, the typical sound of the horn.

Between one drive and the next – usually 3 in a day – snacks are offered to allow the recovery of the felled animals and the preparation of the beaters in another area.

At the end of the last expedition, we return to the hunting lodge for lunch, served in the splendid eighteenth-century farmhouse recently renovated, among hunting trophies and taxidermized ducks.

Weapons and ammunitions used for Waterfowl hunting

We recommend the use of a semi-automatic shotgun, over-and-under, or side-by-side shotgun in 12/20 gauge, with medium chokes and NOTOX ammunition.

The use of a single shotgun is allowed and the presence of the loader is not permitted: the hunter must do everything himself for greater satisfaction in carrying out this fascinating hunt.

If this is one of your favorite hunts, now you can practice it in our beautiful country and with a purely exclusive program!

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