There is no doubt that Red Grouse hunting in Scotland, particularly in the Glen Clova area, is an unrivaled hunting experience.

The scenario in which this hunt takes place is of one the most important and the hunter will find himself immersed in heather valleys together with his auxiliary.

The hunter will fall in love with the wildly coveted Red Grouse (scientifically Lagopus lagopus scoticus) thanks to its elegant reddish brown plumage and its red crest, the trait that most of all characterizes it. It is a shrewd animal, which finds shelter and food in the immense heather valleys where it lives.

  • Red Grouse Hunt in Scotland!

red grouse scozia

Scotland is the perfect place to enchant you with its unspoiled landscapes: it seems that there, in Scotland, nature speaks and leads you to listen in silence to the sounds of the many animals that inhabit it.

It is precisely in the immense heather valleys caressed by the strong wind, that the grouse becomes a coveted prey. In this breathtaking scenery you can admire your dog’s work, enjoy his actions in nature reserves where the territory is managed with excellent professionalism.

In fact, this wild requires important territorial organization, tranquility and above all respect. Hunting red grouse is not easy: the hunter, accompanied by his auxiliary, needs patience, great hunting skills and a cool head.

The dog’s work must be methodical: it is important to know how to use the wind and to keep a cool head, because when you are lucky enough to hunt grouses, their fluttering wings bewitch and capture you.

The vademecum to hunt this noble galliform states no more than two dogs on the territory, two-shot shotgun and never more than two hunters, respecting the number of grouse to be killed.

Living a hunting experience of this type, hunting the noble Scottish red grouse, gives the hunter an indescribable emotion. But that’s not all: the warm hospitality of the Scottish people, the captivating scenery and the abundance of wild animals will make your stay very pleasant in luxurious lodges or small characteristic hotels.

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