• hunting in russia

    Big game hunting in Russia: ready to leave again?

    If you are a big game hunting lover and do you love adventure, then you can't miss a hunting in Russia, a trip of old-style in a remote land. Russia, with its vast territory, is able to offer an unparalleled hunting experience. From deep

  • Tanzania: the temple of African hunting

    Are you a safari enthusiast in Africa and would like to experience a unique one? There is a country, in East Africa, which is a true paradise on earth, characterized by magical landscapes and the large number of game that populates it: Tanzania. More

  • cacciare il cingiale wild boar hunting still driven

    Where to hunt wild boar in Europe?

    One of the most practiced big game hunts in Italy? Undoubtedly the most practiced is wild boar hunting, also considering the high diffusion of the animal that lives in our area. From the high seat during still hunting, stalking or driven, wild boar hunting

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