• chamois hunting Piedmontese Alps

    Chamois Hunting experience in Italy

    “From when I was young I used to follow my father on our mountains, looking for chamois. I remember our first hunting day together: I was 10 years old. It was September, shortly after the opening of the season, a very hot day. Around

  • giornata di caccia

    Father’s day: give a day of hunting!

    We are close to Father's Day, an opportunity to give special thought to your dad and remember the good times spent together. For those who are keen hunters, one of these beautiful moments could be a day of hunting. If you are looking for

  • amore per la caccia

    Love for hunting

    Love for hunting is a love which is difficult to define in words: it must be lived. Those who do not know hunting do not know how deep and innate the love for it is and do not know how

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