• caccia

    Mozambique: among the papyri and the reeds of the Zambezi.

    The delta of the Zambezi River, in Mozambique, herds of buffaloes sneak up on papyrus, reeds, and water lilies. And it is precisely here that Luca experienced one of his most beautiful adventures, among the herds of buffaloes and numerous waterbuck, reedbuck, warthogs, and

  • caccia a colombacci in spagna

    Wood pigeons and thrusheshunting in Spain!

    The sky in Spain at sunrise and sunset gives way to the flight of thrushes and wood pigeons. Are you ready to live an unforgettable experience? According to the new Italian rules that regulate transfers, it is possible to travel for tourism to Spain.

  • leopard hunting

    Leopard hunting: a unique experience in the wonderful black continent!

    Africa is undoubtedly the continent that best of all knows how to give you unique emotions and indelible memories. Every hunter, after a safari in Africa, brings with him a great desire to return. The adrenaline for the Big Five hunting is an experience

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