For 2022, Montefeltro is adding a beautiful new hunting destination: Cameroon

With its diverse hunting grounds, from north to south, Cameroon is one of the most interesting countries in West Africa from a hunting point of view. A unique and different destination, ideal for the most adventurous hunters and lovers of challenges. Depending on where you decide to hunt, you will find different terrains and animals.

To the south of the country, the “rainyforest” – or rainforest – offers the possibility of an extreme, strenuous and demanding hunt. The animals that mainly reign in this habitat are the bongo, the forest elephant, characterized by its thin and dark tusks, and the sitatunga.

To the north, however, the shrubby savannah on the Faro or Benuè rivers is home to the typical fauna of West Africa: the north western buffalo, the roan, the western red hartebeest, Buffon’s kob, harnessed bushbuck and many other small antelopes.

However the undisputed king of this splendid part of Africa remains the Lord Derby eland. This latter species is a splendid antelope, much more massive than its eastern and southern relatives, whose hunting becomes an epic challenge for the hunter who follows its trail until the inevitable conclusion.

The soil in the dry and arid savannah is hard and difficult. The dry leaves creak under your boots and warning the animals of the presence of the hunter, make attempts to approach even more complex.

Hunting in Cameroon takes place on tracks and excellent physical preparation is required. The hunter needs good light and breathable equipment, the temperatures in this area are often very high. Rifles with a caliber from 300 WM and upward are ideal. For the forest elephant we suggest a caliber starting from 375 HH.

Di fondamentale importanza è un buon binocolo e una scorta di integratori salini sarà più che necessaria, all’acqua ci pensa l’outfitter.

Of fundamental importance are good binoculars and a supply of saline supplements will be more than necessary, the outfitter will take care of the water.

A hunting trip to Cameroon is considered a must for all those hunters, lovers of Africa and its challenges.
Our extraordinary trackers and the welcome of the outfitter will make this African adventure unique, amidst rich and wild fauna and wild territories. You can choose 6, 8 or 12 day hunting programs.

All organized according to your needs! Don’t wait any longer: start planning your trip to Cameroon for 2022 now! Contact us HERE and request a program!