A type of very common hunting in Italy that undoubtedly fascinates the hunter who loves ungulates big game hunting?

There is no doubt: fallow deer hunting in Italy is a perfect mix of emotions and beauty. Sighting, among the thick woods of the Ligurian Apennines the characteristic white spots of the coat of this wonderful deer, gives unique emotions to the hunter.

Are you looking for a magical place to practice this fascinating and evocative hunt? On the Piedmontese Apennines on the border with Liguria, there is an area highly suited for ungulates.

And it is exactly in this area that for the coming season, we offer our customers the opportunity to hunt fallow deer and other species of wildlife according to the quotas.

An uncontaminated place not at all anthropized and very rich in game: wild boar, deer, roe deer, and fallow deer populate this area in large numbers.

It is a private reserve of about two thousand hectares frequented by very few hunters and recognized as the Private estate with the greatest hunting culture and quality in Italy thanks to obsessive attention to its wildlife management which has produced a considerable number of beautiful “palanconi”(huge trophy fallow deer).

A highly exclusive hunting reserve where fallow deer are the main attraction as the area is particularly suitable for this cervide: dense thickets alternating with meadows and abandoned crops and closed valleys rich in water where the “Dama” finds its ideal habitat.

Even the most experienced hunter upon spotting the noble antlers of the buck will be overwhelmed by emotions and will get lost in admiring the beauty of nature.

Our selective program includes two hunting days in the beautiful setting of the Ligurian-Piedmontese Apennines.

The roaring fallow deer hunt in the hunting period between October and November, it is very exciting as well as stalking hunting or the more restful from the high seat. For fallow deer hunting we recommend rifles between 270 and various 30 including 7 mm.

The hunting lodge is located among the most unspoiled nature of the reserve. The structure is a charming building with an “olden time”atmosphere with lounges bedrooms and common areas that have remained unchanged at the beginning of the century.

Hunting trophies, hanging on the walls watch over guests who can enjoy a typical quality cuisine. A cold room and an internal butcher’s shop are available to every hunter.

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