The wild boar driven hunt in Romania: the great wild boars of Eastern Europe

Wild boar hunting in Romania will take place in a virgin area, totally wild, of 11,000 hectares, of which 3,000 grouped in 5 different forest gatherings.

The hunt will take place in the Roșioriide Vede area: the Romanian territory offers flat valleys and impressive mountains, therefore innumerable landscapes where there is the possibility to practice any type of hunting including the driven wild boar hunt.

The hunting activity that characterizes this area begins in the spring where it is possible to spot roe deer males of rare beauty and considerable trophy. In August the region is crossed by migratory waves of turtle doves and quails, but also sky larks.

The hunting parties in this area are really exciting and the hunter can reach easily wild boars up to 300 kg in weight and medal trophies, as well as, wolf and lynx sightings.

The wild boar hunt is organized in driven hunt, but it can also be done from the high seat or stalking, as per hunter likes.

Hunting in Romania is suitable for all big hunting enthusiasts who will have the opportunity to live a unique experience.

The lodge, where you can stay, offers all the comforts of civilization, while being immersed in the forest far from everything and everyone. You can try the fantastic experience of horse-drawn carriage hunting to live again the ancient hunting traditions of Eastern Europe.

The woods here are thick with conifers and broad-leaved trees, the large meadows are lush and the panoramic views are breathtaking. All this is part of the magic of this unique territory.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience unique emotions of true hunting in an uncontaminated and wild context. Download the complete program card and contact us now.

Recommended weapon

The calibers 30 are very suitable, and also a 375HH considering the size of some specimens.

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