On the Rhodope Mountains and the Black Sea, wild boar driven hunt and hunting from high seat or even stalking wild boar hunting, for real dream wild boar trophies.

Bulgaria is one of the most suitable European countries for the wild boar hunting:  males are almost all carriers of large trophies.

Wild boar driven hunting

The wild boar hunting is very exciting and extremely engaging in these suggestive places where you can hunt even with the snow.

The tales before the fire, the anecdotes, the laughter, while the beaters start the action make these moments of hunting with this technique, the triumph of commonality, friendliness, conviviality between hunters who share together a single great passion that becomes for all a lifestyle.

From the beginning, from the moment the professional hunter gives the directives and lists the safety rules, until the sound of the horn as a closing signal, everything becomes serious and responsible.

Here are tangible:

  • the competence;
  • a centuries-old tradition;
  • the hunting spirit;
  • dedication to the event;
  • organizational capacity.

The final ceremony in front of the captured wild tableau is something unforgettable for everyone even if it is not the first time.

It should be specified that the wild boar hunt in Bulgaria is big driven hunt.

The characteristics of a “wild boar big driven hunt” are:

  • a very large area
  • beaters presence
  • a rather high number of participants
  • specialized dogs  pack
  • generally raised  high seat with front firing range

Wild boar hunting from high seat.

The wild boar hunting from the high seat is a selective wild boar picking  technique.

The high seat is generally located near the feeding places or at the exit and return points from the meadows, at dawn and dusk.

The shot requires an equipment that includes a rangefinder a precision bright optics, therefore with a large bell and a bolt action rifle with a very accurate setting.

Once get in position, the ideal is to seek a support of all the levers to ensure greater stability before the shot.

The blood hound used for the recovery of any wounded animal is provided by the organization; the wild boar is an animal that handle a lot of shots, even if it is hit in a vital point, it fall down quite far away from the anshuss and usually it is necessary to recover it with dogs.

Wild boar stalking hunt.

The Wild boar stalking hunting is practiced in areas with low hunting pressure and search for the ideal trophy. The coveted “Gold Medal”.

Wild boars are approached in their pasture areas, in absolute silence and with a favorable wind. This requires an experienced hunter and an expert guide and connoisseur of the area. Previous inspections are essential.

For an approach finalized to a successful action, it is better to begin the hunting action while the animals are quiet in the pasture such a long time. The boar to be picked up is carefully selected and the next shot must be done by resting the rifle on a stable point after patiently waiting for the selected animal will be broadside.

It is useful to remind the skills that the black beast is an animal who handle a lot of shots.

Recommended weapon

All 30 calibers are excellent considering  the size of the animals and the shooting distances.

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