The great charm of East Africa.

Tanzania offers extraordinarily varied landscapes: the savannah, the Selous forests, the great plains of the north. African big game hunting icons and suggestive of an ancient adventurous past.

A hunt of the highest quality to all antelopes, buffaloes, elephants and black maned lions . Of great quality are the trophies of Lesser kudu and Gerenuk of the Masai plains.

Recommended weapon

Big5 & Dangerous Game

As for the leopard, a good 300 or a 375 is fine, for the lion the 375 is very suitable (soft bullets for both – they are soft-skinned fragile animals) for the buffalo they need, in addition to the 375 and 378 with monolithic bullets (Barnes 270gr or 300), calibers with good killing power: a 416 Rigby, Weatherby or Remington, or even an express in 470 or 500 nitro. The same goes for the elephant but with strictly solid bullets.

Plains game

For all destinations, the calibers from 7 mm, to the various 30 (preferably magnum) or the European 8X68 are suitable even for the Eland (the largest African antelope)


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