Spain, known by many for thrushes and red partridges hunting or monterias, is, however, also a land of pigeons and turtledoves.

In the area of Guadalupe, located in the community of Extremadura just two hours from Madrid, there is an hunting area where many doves and pigeons flocks crowd the rolling Spanish hills.

The hunting ground consists of hills cultivated with olive groves, sunflower fields, rapeseed, wheat and vineyards. An ideal habitat for the numerous pigeon flights that attracts the turtledoves.

The typical hunting is from hide and in the hunting area there are different locations to allow a better success of the hunting depending on the migration, the weather and the type of shooting you want to practice.

The hunting period is short (2 weeks) and runs from mid to late August and the hunting is practiced only on weekends (2 days: Saturday and Sunday) with the possibility of extending it by one day (3 days: Saturday, Sunday and Monday).

The Guadalupe scenery allows you to experience hunting days in a unique landscape, where the numerous wood pigeons will test your hunting skills.

The area is also suitable for a holiday of tourism as well as for hunting. The city of Guadalupe is in fact known for the famous Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Guadalupe, founded in 1340 by Alfonso XI, king of Castile, after defeating the Moors in the battle of the Rio Salado.

Monastic building located in the municipality of Guadalupe, the monastery was the most important in the country for over four centuries, and one of the most important sanctuaries in Europe.

In 1955 it was awarded the title of Minor Basilica and today it is protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

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