Scotland’s landscapes for your roe deer hunting!

Among the sweet moors of Perthshire, the small deer challenges the skill of the hunter, hiding in the bush of Scottish broom and blooming rhododendrons. Sipping a peaty in front of the fireplace, gazing at the three pointed  trophy, you can relive the action of hunting the deer waiting for the next driven hunt.

The Perthshire, officially Perth County, is an ex Scottish county, located in the central Scotland.

It expands from Strathmore in the east to Drumochter Pass in the north, Rannoch Moor and Ben Lui in the west and Aberfoyle in the south.

Perthshire is known as the big county and offers a wide variety of landscapes, from the wide valleys, rich for their agriculture, to the east, to the mountains of the west (southern Highlands).

One of the last wilderness in Europe. The area is a vast section of land made up of covered pools, lakes, rivers and rocky excavations that make it a breathtaking environment with a great variety of flora and fauna. Here you can find a wealth of plants, insects, birds and animals range, from grouse to roe deer and red deer.

Roe deer hunting like you have never done!

Recommended weapon

All 6.5 are suitable up to medium caliber such as 270w