Grouse hunting in Scotland.

Hunt as a Lord in Albion.

Where the wind caresses the heather and where the immense valleys open onto breathtaking scene, the grouse becomes a coveted prey.

Admire your dog’s work, enjoy its actions in nature estates where the area is managed with obsessive professionalism to ensure that your grouse hunting will be an unforgettable experience.

The hoarse call of this Tetraonidae echoes, with the dear roaring, in  the wide glens and on the moors of Glen Clova, while a grey hare run away between dry heather and a fern tuft.

One of the most charming place for grouse hunting.

Recommended weapon

For the grouse hunting, it is suggested a shotgun with a 66 cm barrel length. The type of shotgun to be used is very personal, but since it is a traditional Scottish hunting, and therefore of great culture, we would suggest an over under shotgun or a double barrel shotgun with 3 and 1 stars chokes.

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