Woodcock hunting: The reign of the “Queen”.

The isle of Bute is a suggestive island where the woodcock hunting knows no equal.

Green fields stained with broom, heather expanses, long pine forests and small hornbeam woods,  open pastures that slide against a cold and strong sea, taking the breath away from the admired hunter.

The isle of Bute is a small Scottish charm for hunters with pointing dog, who love challenges, hard and satisfying hunting. The absolute main character is the queen of the woods.

Woodcocks love Bute thanks to a mild winter climate that attracts and keeps them for a more or less prolonged stop.

The island in fact, located between Scotland and Ireland, embraced by the Gulf Stream, has a mild climate even in the coldest season, thanks to which woodcocks migrate abundant from Norway and from the Scottish Highlands to get through the winter.

The vast hunting ground  allows the woodcock hunter to live 4 different hunting days.  Bute is the ideal destination for true dog lovers who will bring their hunting shotgun with them.

Recommended weapon

For woodcock’s hunting we suggest a shotgun with a 60 to 62 cm barrel length and a wide four-star or cylindrical choke so to have an optimal swing and the necessary speed to undermine this wild.

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