An hunting estate in the heart of the enchanting and suitable Marche hills.

If you love the walked up hunting with pointing dogs this is your paradise. Here you will find authentic partridges, pheasants and partridges which have found their habitat in the soft hills of the Marche. At a maximum height of 600 meters above sea level, a hunting estate that covers an area of approximately 2,000 hectares.

The hunting ground consists of hills mainly cultivated with alfalfa, which alternate with oak woods, uncultivated land, lakes, streams and rivers.

The Marche region  is a degradation of gentle hills and valleys that descend from the Apennines to the sea. In the internal areas, ancient villages survive, medieval settlements enclosed within walls, castles and fortresses overlooking the hills. The typical feature of the Marche landscape is a sequence of soft hills that like many waves chase each other to the coast.

It is ideal for up land hunting with the pointing dog.

This is the perfect place for hunting and a still authentic hunting journeys with your hunting dogs or those of the professional hunters from the estate.

The game, in the hunting estate of San Fiorano, is natural with supplementary “restocking” during the season.

The dogs here find space for their runs in search of fast prey. The dogs always remains under the keen eye of his owner who here, thanks to the breadth of the territories and their extensive visibility, has the opportunity to observe the work of his faithful hunting companion.

The hunting reserve has vast areas where it is allowed the dog training with shooting throughout the year. A real unique opportunity for dog hunting lovers.

The hunting estate is located in Cagli, only half an hour from Urbino, a town with a thousand-year of history where you can breathe the Renaissance time, and from Gubbio, one of the most beautiful medieval Italian cities.

A hunter eager to wander the streets and hills of the Marche region, can enjoy the spectacular alternation of colors created by the various crops. The orchards and the vast monochromatic spots of the cereal monocultures follow one another without stopping, extending along the inclined walls of the hills.

As the seasons change, the hunter is faced with an ever changing landscape.

Recommended weapon

For the up land hunting with your dog, it is advisable to use a 12 and 20 gauge shotgun, with barrels length ranging from 61 to 65 cm with cylindrical or 4 stars chokes. For woodcock hunting, we suggest  61 cm barrels length with 4 stars or cylindrical chokes.

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