The Ibex hunting in the faraway Siberia is an extreme hunting experience that leaves you with strong emotions and unforgettable memories. This is a kind of adventure that gives you these feelings.

In this place, on the border between China and Mongolia, suggestive and distant landscapes meet each other, and they become the perfect setting for your hunt. Beautiful ibex and Maral deer wait for you.
With these mountains, lakes, woods and deserts, the Altaj Republic is an uncommon destination and it can give incredible feelings to the most extreme hunter.
The best way to reach this place is by flight from Moscow to Gorno-Altajsk, the capital of the Altaj Republic. From here, a van will take you to the base camp.
After a long trip, you will arrive in a wild and distant ground: the horse rides on the banks of the frozen rivers will be a constant in your hunting days, between wind and cold.

In the morning, after spending the night in the tent, you will wake up with the snow coming down and you will prepare yourself for a new challenge: the hunt of majestic trophy!

You will experience an unforgettable hunting experience, testing your skills and enjoying a trip like this in an incredibly wild and unspoiled nature, so different from what we are used to live.

You will feel absorbed in another dimension and in another era and every day you will be prompted by your own desire to go beyond your limits and find out the unexplored.

Recommended weapon

For the Ibex hunting we recommend weapons from 7mm and 300 up, very flat and equipped with a good optics.