Wild boar hunting in the Piacenza hills

Our hunting estate Rivergaro, situated in the province of Piacenza, famous for small game hunting with dogs, offers to all big game hunting enthusiasts, the possibility to hunt deer and wild boar.

Rivergaro is a 1.000-hectare estate, divided into homogeneous areas of vast extension, and situated less than half an hour distance from the Piacenza Sud motorway exit.

Dense oak woods frame the expanses of alfalfa, bramble hedges delimit vast fields of wheat and pastures, with ponds and small streams that attract game even in the hot season: a panorama that is every hunter’s dream.

This extraordinary habitat welcomes a significant number of roe deer with trophies of great interest and a large consistency of wild boars that find refuge and pasture throughout the year.

Hunting from the high seat offers the enthusiastic  hunter with  rifle an extraordinary opportunity to complete the hunting days by combining the small game hunting with the dog.

An hour’s drive from Milan, less than two from Bologna, to reach the hunting lodge equipped with a comfortable club-house: you hunt with no limits of space and time’s feeling, but only with a careful eye to follow the dog and the ear strained to the call of partridges from one side to the other.

Rivergaro is an estate with a splendid habitat: Montefeltro has made it a model wildlife farm, for an exclusive high-level hunting. The great hunt finally returns to Italy with the Beretta-Montefeltro quality label.

Recommended weapon

The calibers 30 are very suitable and also a 375HH given the size of some specimens

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