Hunting red stag in the green Scotland!

During the ball hunt in Scotland, proposed by Montefeltro, among ancient heather and thick peat, the roar of the old gentleman echoes, claiming his sovereignty over the property of females and territory.

Like an old tartan clan leader, he remains to challenge the enemy while the leaden sea in the Scottish firth surrounds an unforgettable adventure.

The red deer hunt in Scotland is one of those classic hunting trips, always full of emotions. Both the expert hunter and the neophyte will always derive great joy from the deer stalking of the red deer, often crawled in the suggestive heather fields that cover the Scottish hills.

A total immersion in the habitat where the Scottish red deer lives, gives the hunter the pleasure of hunting for European ungulates in a comparison of the past! These are the same areas wher you can hunt the roe deer.

It must also be said that the genetic heritage represented by the Scottish red deer makes it a very interesting and unique trophy among all the other deers left in Europe.

In fact, this deer, which weighs from 90 to 190 kg, probably migrated to Scotland in glacial times, remained in this area after the thaw without crossing with other European strains.

So while red deer in England, Ireland and many other areas of Europe are the result of historical restocking, as well as red deer in great abundance also in non-European areas (United States, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina) are imported, the Scottish red deer still represents the direct biological inheritance of the species (cervus elaphus scoticus) settled here in the mists of time.

An experience of red deer hunting therefore unforgettable, among breathtaking landscapes, ancient castles full of charm and mystery, bagpipes, traditions of an ancient land full of legends and traditions, restaurants where the watchword is “eat well”.

The particular warm welcome of the Scots makes your stay, during your deer hunting trip, very pleasant in luxurious lodges and small atmospheric hotels where you can enjoy excellent whiskeys.

Recommended weapon

Stalking with the possibility of long range shots. All 7mm and 30 even magnums are suitable. Bullets between 165 and 180 gr

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