Grey partridges and rock partridges in Macedonia.

A very popular destination, where hunting with a pointing dog finds its ideal habitat: quails, turtle doves and pigeons in the summer months, grey partridges and rock partridges in the autumn months.

Territories that range from the immense and majestic Macedonian mountains, the reign of the rock partridge that lives between rocks and mountain pastures, to the hills and gentle plateaus with numerous grey partridges estates.

Beginning from the month of August, you can meet the queens of these plains: the grey partridges. Conspicuous brigades populate this land and in the month of October they can be hunted with a pointing  dog, a true Macedonian attraction together with the rock partridge (alectoris graeca) that push the most passionate to cross the border to pursue these birds.

A wild and authentic environment where animals are still really wild and cunning.

Traveling by car with your dogs to reach the areas is part of the experience but if you prefer to travelling by plane, no problem. You will be able to stay not far from the hunting areas and have the chance to know the life of a suggestive country and a rich and genuine territory. Despite being a small country, this destination offers many hunting opportunities, giving all hunters (dog lovers, stalking or big game lovers) the chance to live a unique experience.

Seeing the work of your dog is a great experience and will make your hunting day unforgettable.

Recommended weapon

The suggested shotgun for grey and rock partridges is a 12 gauge with 65 cm barrel length. They are wild and cunning animals. We recommend 4 and 3 stars chokes and suggest cartridges with lead # 7 or 6.

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