One of the most beautiful destinations in the world for buffalo hunting.

Mozambique, delta of the Zambezi River, the ideal place for buffalo hunt. You will not find anywhere else in the world where buffalo herds of this size can be seen. This event takes place on a daily basis, hunting is assured and at the same time exciting.

Herds of buffalo sneak between papyrus, reeds and water lilies making hunting extremely sporty and challenging. The lovers of this bovine hunting cannot fail to experience the charm of approaching them in the wet meadows of the delta.

Herds of waterbucks, numerous reedbucks, warthogs and bushpig can complete hunting days, while the elusive nyala divides the wooded area with splendid sables.

The hunting trips will take place in a period from April to November for a 7-day stay in the Marromeu district.

The amount of game in this area of Mozambique is breathtaking and the chances of bringing home a trophy are very high.

Returning to the camp is always a joy: drinks around the fire and, afterwards, a gourmet dinner.

Recommended weapon

For all destinations, the calibers from 7 mm, to the various 30 (preferably magnum) or the European 8X68 are suitable even for the Eland (the largest African antelope)

For Cats, the 300 and 375 with soft bullets are ideal. For the pachyderms from 375 HH upwards, the various 416s with solid bullets as well as the express ones in 470 and 500 Nitro are excellent.

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