Flatbill In Tartan

Scotland, the country where hunting is a lifestyle! When it comes to quality hunting, Scotland is one of the most sought and demanded destinations. The land of castles and the home of whiskey, with an incredible diversity of huntable animals. The particular setting that will accompany you during the hunting, every morning, will be made of rolling hills cultivated with wheat and rapeseed, fields, hedges of broom with bright green and expanses of heather that already in August is completely red: all this is the Perthshire.

Its numerous lakes, rivers and ponds become resting places for waterfowl, migration lines for some species, and wintering places for others. The varied and rich hunting in every hunting profile, is combined with the environmental variety.

Describing a sunrise in Perthshire is not easy: you have to experience the emotion of the first flight of teals, of the flight of widgeon, or, in total immobility and mimicry, hunt geese in the wheat fields or ducks on the shores of a lake. Here the hunting of geese and ducks becomes even more exciting where in large numbers they represent the normality of every hunting day.

Recommended weapon

We suggest a semi-automatic shotgun 12 or 20 gauge, with 71 barrel length. and from 3 to 1 star chokes.

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