Macedonia is a land with a hunting scent.

To understand that, you have to go there at least once in your life, fantastic territories where the lover of true hunting can express himself at best.

The various crops in place (wheat, barley, sunflowers, tobacco together with vineyards and small vegetable gardens) are the perfect refuge for indigenous and migratory fauna. From the first days of April the quails can be heard singing in the fields: in the spring they move to these lands for nesting and with them also turtle doves, which in May arrive for the long summer stop.

If you look around during the hunting, you can admire the size and hardness of the mountains of this country.

Despite being a small country, this destination offers many hunting opportunities, giving all hunters (dog lovers, stalking or big game lovers) the chance to live a unique experience.

The hotels are all located at a distance ranging from 15 to 25km from the hunting grounds. The area is around Bitola that rises at an altitude of 600 meters, a clean city with many amenities. In the evening, after the hunt, you can take a tour of the city center which is no more than 6 km from the hotels.

Recommended weapon

We suggest a 12 gauge or much appreciated a 20 gauge shotgun with barrels 66 cm length and 4 or 3 star chokes. Cartridges with lead # 9

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