Up land hunting: the quality of made in Italy in the Piacenza hills.

The hunting estate territory is really amazing. Reachable from Milan, Brescia, Bologna in an hour, the Piacenza hills are an excellent solution for any hunter who wants to give vent to the passion: up land hunting.

Dense oak woods frame the expanses of alfalfa, bramble hedges delimit vast fields of wheat and pastures, with ponds and small streams that attract game even in the hot season.

The estate offers a panorama that is the dream of every dog lover passionate with pointing dog,  thanks to the beauty of nature and the breadth view on field, which allows you to follow the action of your hunting dogs even at a great distance.

Grey partridges, pheasants and red partridges are released in the  late spring. All based on a sample for  the entire season: real game, used to defending itself, capable of engaging even the most experienced dogs. It is ideal for the classic up land hunting  with the pointing dog.

In the middle of the hunting estate, 300 hectares of C zone are exclusively available to dog lovers hunters beginning from the 1st of  March.

A perfect C zone for training and shooting, from quail to pheasant, during the hunting closing period.

An area and habitat that does not regret the hunting season, especially for the quality of the game released.

Rivergaro is an estate with a splendid habitat in the heart of the Piacenza hills. Montefeltro created it as a wildlife company’s model, with a wonderful and completely renovated hunting house. All designed for an exclusive high-level experience.

The great hunt finally returns to Italy with the Beretta-Montefeltro quality label.

You hunt with no limits of space and time, but only with a careful eye to follow the dog and the ear strained to the call of partridges from one side to the other.

Recommended weapon

For the up land hunting with your dog, it is advisable to use a 12 and 20 gauge shotgun, with barrels length ranging from 61 to 65 cm with cylindrical 4 stars chokes. For woodcock hunting, we suggest  61 cm barrels with 4 stars or cylindrical chokes.

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