Chamois hunting in the Piedmont Alps

In a breath-taking landscape, in the heart of Val Maira, there is a hunting zone that is a piece of paradise, placed in the valley.

Among gentle meadows and tangled woods every hunter can listen to the bellowing deer also in high altitude, where the most beautiful chamois of the Piedmont Alps chase each other on the rocks.

An area of 3.400 hectares, that ranges from 1.250 to 2.750 meters high, will be at your disposal for chamois and deer hunting.

You can stay in a typical mountain village at 1.400 meters high, completely renovated and with attention in every detail. You will have at your disposal a wonderful wellness centre in which you can regenerate yourself after a satisfying hunting day, sipping a tasty aperitif with Italian products.

The morning usually starts early and once you will arrive at high altitude, the chamois hunting starts. With the Alps as a backdrop, the hunter begins to analyse the surrounding valley and rocks, canals and ledges and he immediately realizes how the territory is populated by many different species and in abundance.

The chamois hunting in the Piedmont Alps is one of the most beautiful, exciting and absorbing experience, not only for the hunter who loves hunt in the Alps.

Recommended weapon

All the small/medium fast caliber with a tense trajectory are a good choice.

The 6 mm are excellent: 243 Win, 6XC, 6 mm Rem, 6mm Freres and 240 Wby.

Good are also the 0.25, for instance the 25-06 and the 257 Wby even though a little hypertrophic.

The 270 Win and the stronger 270 Wby.

The 7 mm are a good choice as well, the 7-08 is considered a perfect caliber for mountain hunt, precise end lethal, the same for the 7×64 with a proper ammo (120gr.)

For long range shooting the 7 mm magnum and all the 300 mag can support shot between 400 and 500 mts even if they are overabundant and with a strong recoil.

The best ammo are in copper and we suggest the new monolithic construction ones.