Deer hunting on the Scottish sea!

Between the green of the coniferous woods and the meadows sloping down to the sea, between the yellow of the Scottish broom and the gloomy ocean mottled by the foam of the waves, the hunter, with his rifle, will be able to experience the intensity of the stalking ungulates hunting while the angry bark of a roe deer or the powerful roar of the deer fill the fresh and fragrant air of peat.

The beautiful isle of Bute, the undisputed kingdom of the woodcock, gives the opportunity to hunt ungulates as well.

In addition to deer hunting, the island of Bute has also a lot to offer regarding tourism.

The wonderful Mont Stuart, a neo-Gothic country house and ancestral home of the Marquises, known as the jewel in the crown of Bute, is just one of the many attractions of the island that make it the ideal place for a perfect Scottish holiday.

Those who want to relax can have the afternoon tea in the famous tea rooms of Ettrick Bay, explore Rothesay Castle or the Bute Museum to find out why the island is so special.

Passionate golfers can choose from one of Bute’s three golf courses, each one with its own challenges but all with spectacular views. Bute thanks to its milder climate than the other Scottish islands, which allows it to receive the numerous woodcocks that come to winter from the Highlands, also offers a beautiful collection of blooming gardens.

This wonderful corner of Scotland, that is the strong suit of Montefeltro hunting for years concerning the long-beaked with shotguns, offers now also the deer hunting with your bolt action rifle in the roaring period from end of September to October 21st, closing date.

3 days dedicated to deer hunting, on the gentle hills overlooking the Argyll peninsula, among golden grasses and coniferous groves, while the feet sink into the peat of the wet meadows.

Find out more about the new deer hunting program!

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All 6.5 are suitable for medium calibers such as 270w and 7mm

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