Woodcock hunting in the Crimea: a challenging destination for pointing dogs lovers and a real hunt in the wilderness.

The abundance of wild animals that migrate from the Urals and partially  from Scandinavia, the incredible variety of environments and the situations encountered, make the Crimean woods one of the most dreamed destinations by every hunter.

During the day, the woodcock never comes out into the open : only at dusk it spring into action, starting to rummage through the leaves looking for food. In Crimea it is found throughout the cold season, between October and March, in wooded areas. Worms and earthworms are the basis of the woodcock feeding. Very developed hearing and smell make it a difficult prey even for the best pointing dog.

The long beak, thanks to which it can reach its preys directly in the subsoil, are the characteristics of this species.

Woods expanses, karst plateaus and humid coasts of scrub fit perfectly like pieces of a puzzle to be the setting for your woodcocks hunting days .

Montefeltro could not avoid to include in its offer the  woodcock hunting, the queen of the woods, one of the most coveted preys of true dog hunting lovers.

If you leave with your dog please remind:

  • European passport with annual rabies vaccination and seven-year vaccination
  • It is recommended that you consult your veterinarian for tick treatment
  • Declaration of good health stamped by the veterinarian on page 18/19 of the passport to be made within 5 days before departure
  • The veterinary certificate Model 15 / A provided by Montefeltro

Recommended weapon

For woodcock’s hunting we suggest a shotgun with a 60 to 62 cm barrel length and a wide four-star or cylindrical choke so to have an optimal swing and the necessary speed to undermine this wild.

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