Chamois Hunting in the Piedmontese Alps

chamois hunting

Under the watchful eye of the Monviso, the highest mountain of the Cottian Alps, you can enjoy the splendid valleys of Val Maira full of chamois.

An extraordinary area, full of every kind of alpine game, where the roar of the deer echoes downstream while, higher up, the chamois chase each other among stony ground and reign undisputed.

Chamois hunting creates a mix of contrasting sensations in the hunter‘s soul: effort and commitment combine with emotion and passion.

At the end of the day, you will realize that the efforts made to get to the top of the mountain have already been rewarded by the landscape that surrounds you.

Montefeltro takes you hunting chamois in a fascinating and extremely suggestive place.

The wake up goes off early on hunting days: we start at dawn with four-wheeled vehicles as far as possible, then we climb the paths in search of the “Rupicapra” in its usual areas.

It is good to wear stiff-soled boots, wear gaiters and arm yourself with a good hiking stick, while clothing must be strictly “onion-shaped”, that is, in layers, especially if you hunt at the opening season.

Between the open valleys and the majestic peaks, it is easy to obtain excellent trophies, both in males and females. Yearlings are also available for those not particularly interested in the trophy.

We suggest weapons with good optics, possibly with turrets or ballistic reticle, and with grazing calibers ranging from 6.5mm to all 30mm.

Once the adventure in the Alps in search of the prey of choice for alpine hunting is over, we return to the hunting lodge.

An extraordinary accommodation with an ancient flavor, with its characteristic rooms, caves dug into the mountain, welcomes the hunter among the vapors of a Spa and the splendid cuisine of the restaurant.

And the hunter knows it: there is nothing better than a sauna or a jacuzzi after a chamois climb, perhaps accompanied by a good glass of local wine.

Chamois hunting is certainly one of the most beautiful and exciting hunts, especially with the Piedmontese Alps as the backdrop.

Here nature is able to offer its best and makes this place perfect for a chamois hunting experience.

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