A caccia di capre ispaniche!

Sulle alture che furono teatro della tragica guerra civile spagnola, in un’atmosfera ricca di storia e al tempo stesso solare, le capre ispaniche fuggono su tappeti di timo e rosmarino saltando tra le rocce bianche profumate di sale.

Montefeltro ti propone lo stupendo e possente Macho Montés, lo stambecco spagnolo e la Barbary Sheep a cui fu ispirato anche un romantico film muto del 1917 tratto dal romanzo di Robert Hichens, The Barbary Sheep, appunto.

Due cacce indimenticabili dal fascino unico.

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Possibilità di tiri anche lunghi, quindi si consigliano calibri radenti dai 7mm in su

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Dicono Di Noi

Dear Marina, I and my Cypriot friends have returned from Scotland. All VERY WELL. The expectations were excellent, but I would say that we went much further. We were all very happy, both for the organization, for the location (beautiful, with an excellent cuisine), and for hunting. Beautiful animals, a rational withdrawal and four hunting days surrounded by a splendid nature. Mr. Greame's assistance was very welcome. Basically, a very good high level hunting experience. Thank you also on behalf of my friends. It seemed only right to inform you. Best wishes, Simon
Indelible memories will surely remain in the memory of the Scottish countryside populated by grazing animals and by so many Colombacci. The first day of hunting was very exciting. The memory of the first Colombaccio coming on the "game" is still alive in my mind. The last day is inevitably started with the thought that unfortunately the beautiful adventure has now come to an end. But as often happens .... the best things come to an end ... I was surrounded by a marvelous panorama, immersed in an expanse of freshly cut rapeseed with only the North Sea on the horizon! From mid-day to the time of return it was all a succession of Colombacci who "cared for the game". A dream come true! All this has been possible thanks to your accurate organization, example of professionalism and dedication to this passion.
Massimo & Monica
"Also this year I was very satisfied with the hunting and the Montefeltro organization. After 54 years of hunting and hunting experience around the world, Romania remains one of my favorite places for my hunting days"
Enrico Barbarossa


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